Why Dossiere?

Dossiere is a secure document delivery system for iPad. The Dossiere solution is used by corporate clients and government departments to provide state of the art secure access to documents for board and executive leadership groups. The system uniquely allows secure access by the iPads into an organisation’s secure local infrastructure. This access allows discrete content targeting and eliminates the risks associated with organisations uploading their confidential documents to the web or third party hosted solutions.

Dossiere offers unparalleled document security, governance and control.

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Phase 1 - Enquiry & Engagement

The aim of this phase is to establish a confidential channel
of communication with the client in order to share details of the application, how it can be used, and its security features. This is done via a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).


  • The NDA also allows clients to divulge details of their requirements, structure, documents, internal business models and other aspects they may not usually share.

  • Dossiere will provide clients with full documentation of the application’s features and functionality, including the system’s security framework.

  • At this point, clients will also be given a white labelled version of the application to install on up to three iPads of the client’s choosing. This will enable clients to evaluate the application using either their own documents or generic documents provided by Dossiere. (Dossiere’s secure WebDAV environment will be used.)

  • This gives clients the opportunity to demonstrate the application’s features and interface to stakeholders and other internal staff (as restricted by the NDA) for assessment.

Phase 2 - Commissioning & Implementation

After the application has been assessed and approved, Dossiere will provide licensing costs and implementation instructions based on the number of installations required.


  • The application’s cost model is based on:

    - an setup, implementation and customisation fee including licence for year 1, plus

    - annual licence fee at the time of renewal, and

    - per user, per month volume licence agreement.

  • Volume licensing provides clients with the flexibility to increase the number of installations throughout the year, with any feescharged pro rata.

  • During this phase clients will commission and configure their own secure WebDAV environment to Dossiere’s specification to host secure documents. Full technical specifications and server set up information will be provided.

  • Speedwell strongly recommends an external security audit and penetration test be commissioned and conducted by an independent 3rd party penetration testing organisation.

  • Once the server has been set up and tested, a customised version of Dossiere will be supplied for rollout to users’ devices.

Phase 3 - Ongoing access, enhancement & support

Dossiere clients will have access to support, ongoing customisation and future releases.

  • Business hours support is offered, and regular communication will be provided on the product roadmap and expected delivery of features and updates.

  • Dossiere will also keep clients informed of the application’s security evolution in line with Apple’s development of iPad, the iOS operating system and the iTunes ecosystem.

  • Enterprise clients may request customisation of their Dossiere system and these requests may be serviced by Dossiere system developers.

  • Clients who maintain their licence and products will gain access to all subsequent releases, enhancements and integrations.